September 2023

This is an interesting short video about how it absolutely makes sense that men wear skirts.

This is a short video about men who traditionally wear skirts around the world and why it isn’t common for men in the western world to wear them.

A lot of men wear gender non-conforming clothing in secret. It would be interesting to know how many of you keep it a secret from your families and why.

This post explores some of the questions that arise for men who like to wear skirts and have young sons in the country.

In this article, GQ shows images of many different men rocking skirts off the runway to this summer’s fashion shows.

This video is a monologue about whether regular people can queerbait. The reason I am posting it is because there is a segment that addresses straight, cis-men who dress and/or act in a more feminine way and whether they queerbait.

Today’s light-hearted poll asks whether you “smooth out your skirt” before sitting down even if you’re not wearing a skirt. Amusingly, that is a habit that I have found myself doing even when I’m wearing jeans.

In the article, Julia discusses what it is about men wearing skirts and heels that can lead to problems in their relationships with their significant others and families.

Little Prince Charming is a small online shop based in The Netherlands that sells dresses for boys.