End Gender-Specific Clothing is a Tumblr page that features pictures of men wearing clothing and shoes that are typically associated with women, so lots of skirts, dresses and high heels.

Jainil Mehta is an Indian man who dances in colorful skirts. This an interesting interview with him about his rise to “fame” and what it means to him.

Today’s “In the Media” post is a shout-out to another similarly-minded blogger who writes about the gender-neutral lifestyle.

This is an interesting short video about how it absolutely makes sense that men wear skirts.

A lot of men wear gender non-conforming clothing in secret. It would be interesting to know how many of you keep it a secret from your families and why.

Little Prince Charming is a small online shop based in The Netherlands that sells dresses for boys.

It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s sad that companies still have to be forced to not discriminate based on gender.

This is a great interview with Markus Muth, a man from Germany whose wardrobe includes skirts, dresses, kilts, heels and tights among other things.

School uniforms in the UK allow kids to wear trousers or skirts to school which means boys are expected to suffer through hot weather in long pants. Several schoolboys have started wearing skirts to school in protest.

The world is challenging traditional gender norms and the significance of gender non-conforming clothing has become something of an ascendant star. As someone who neither identifies as transgender nor cisgender, I have embarked on a bit of a journey to embracing clothing that defies societal expectations. This article explores the empowering experience of wearing what brings me comfort.