This is an interesting short video about how it absolutely makes sense that men wear skirts.

This is a great interview with Markus Muth, a man from Germany whose wardrobe includes skirts, dresses, kilts, heels and tights among other things.

This is a great video with two men experimenting styling skirts. They offer a few good tips and ideas that any man could use to make wearing a skirt look good.

A group of men explore and discuss how best to style a skirt as a man. Not only do they talk about it amongst themselves, but they also talk to experts about their ideas.

A young, male YouTuber spent a day going about his business in a skirt. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive which just shows that wearing a skirt in public as a man really isn’t as scary as most men think it is!

This is an interesting video that features a summary of the history of skirts as well as addresses reasons why men don’t wear skirts in most Western cultures in the modern world. At the end of the video, he gives you a few tips as to what you can do if you are a man interested in wearing a skirt.

An inspirational story by a guy who wears skirts and dresses in public on a regular basis.

This YouTuber regularly wears skirts and dresses in public. In this video, he challenged himself to wear only skirts and dresses for seven days while going about his normal life.

Yes, definitely! I do agree with him, however, that skirts (and dresses) cut for a female body can look a little strange on a broader male body. That is the reason I generally only wear skirts rather that full dresses even though I love dresses.

Who knew that the ancient Greeks thought that pants were effeminate?