Profiles of Beskirted Men: Ray

Profiles of Beskirted Men: Ray

Today, we welcome Ray from New York City to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

Profiles of Beskirted Men: Matthias

Profiles of Beskirted Men: Matthias

Today, we welcome Matthias from Germany to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

In this skirted story, I took the trash out in a skirt and got a reaction from a younger man.

Today, we welcome Rick from Canada to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

A few days ago, I came across a thread on one of the “men in skirts” forums I frequent that discussed whether it is illegal to wear skirts as a man in Italy. There were no solid conclusions which made me curious, so I did some research of my own and this is what I found.

Today, we welcome Steve from Australia to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

To get the new series Profiles of Beskirted Men kicked off, I thought I would share my own profile first. I filled out the questionnaire and this is the result.

Today, I’m happy to announce “Profiles of Beskirted Men” — a new series whose purpose it is to show the world that there are many different kinds of men out there who are interested in wearing not just skirts, but also dresses, tights, high heels and other gender non-conforming clothes.

In this article, Julia discusses her thoughts about why women often compliment her beskirted husband while men tend to ignore him.

In this post, I talk about the only negative experience I have ever had wearing a skirt as a man in public and how I coped with it.

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Poll: How do you wear your skirts in the winter?

Since wintertime is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, this week’s poll asks how you wear your skirts during winter.

Poll: Do you tuck your shirt in when wearing a skirt?

If you look at the pictures men post of themselves on social media wearing skirts, you’ll notice that some tuck their shirts in while wearing skirts and others don’t. So which group do you belong to?

Poll: Will your Halloween costume feature a skirt this year?

Today’s question is based on the fact that it is being published on Halloween.

Poll: Do you wear nightgowns?

Today’s poll asks about whether you wear nightgowns. They are a great way to wear a dress-like garment to bed and they even come in cuts designed for masculine bodies. In a way, they are the ultimate “stealth dress”.

Poll: How well do dresses fit your body type?

Today’s poll asks about how well dresses fit your body type. I have tried many different dresses, but it’s very rare I find one that fits well.

In the Media

The history of high heels. Will men ever wear heels again?

This is not only an interesting history of high heels and how they were fashionable among men for centuries, but also touches on the topic of whether they will come back in style for men.

End Gender-Specific Clothing

End Gender-Specific Clothing is a Tumblr page that features pictures of men wearing clothing and shoes that are typically associated with women, so lots of skirts, dresses and high heels.

Guys in Skirts – Different Styles

tights4him is a blog dedicated to men wearing tights, but there is one post the author has put together that features men in skirts of different styles.

Wet Lettuce men are hotter then alpha males

This is a great article about how the norms of masculinity are changing to be more inclusive and less toxic and the fact that a lot of women find men like that hot.

A Brief History of the Combat Kilt

This article is about exactly what the title suggests: the history of the combat kilt.

To ‘Skirt’ Around: The Dilemma of Men in Skirts

This article is an interesting discussion about gendered clothing. It uses men in skirts as an example to illustrate the pointlessness of it.

My Journey into Skirts

This is an excellent post detailing the author’s slow journey into more feminine clothing. He discusses his experiences in public as well as how he worked up the courage to wear less subtly feminine outfits out in public over time.

Skirt and Camera
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