AI-Generated image of a man programming in a skirt and long socks

Does anyone work in a tech-related field? I need your help!

I am currently doing research for an article that is near and dear to me as a programmer and gender-non-conformist, but I need input from others who also work in the tech industry.

June 17, 2024
AI-generated image of a man wearing a maid dress and cat ears while at a computer

A Femboy at Work

One of the young developers on our team who considers himself a femboy had a traumatic experience when his dad caught him in a dress.

June 16, 2024

My goal is to take a walk every day in a skirt to build up my confidence. This is how I’m coming along with that goal.

June 9, 2024

This is one of my favorites that I often wear when the weather is cool. It features three colors that fit my body type well: tan, blue and black.

June 5, 2024

“Outfits” is a new, ongoing series of posts I am going to write that is all about my favorite gender-non-conforming outfits.

June 5, 2024

I haven’t been very active recently because I’ve been writing new, research-intensive posts and working on new features for the website.

June 2, 2024

Today, we welcome Pythos from West Coast, California to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

May 29, 2024

I am flabbergasted by how successful Profile of Beskirted Men has been! There has been an amazing response, but the series is not over!

May 22, 2024

While working outside beskirted, I encountered a woman who complimented my skirt and was generally excited about men wearing skirts.

May 19, 2024

Today, we welcome Rick Z from North East, England to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

May 15, 2024

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Poll: Do you work in a computer science-related field?

A lot of people working in a tech-field question gender norms. Let’s find out how many readers of this blog work in that field.

Poll: Would you prefer more of a forum for comments on The Beskirted Man?

Today’s poll asks about a potential new feature for this website. It would interest me to know if you are satisfied with how commenting currently works on blog posts.

Poll: Have you ever worn a skirt around people and been disappointed that no one commented on it?

Today’s poll asks about whether you’ve ever worn a skirt around people and been disappointed that no one said anything about it.

Poll: What age group do you belong to?

As a skirt-wearing man in my mid-30s, I don’t know how many times I have heard the comment: “Men wearing skirts is something only the young generations do.” So, let’s find out just which age groups wear skirts.

Poll: What sort of area do you live in?

Today’s poll asks about the area you live in. This is an interesting question because some men may feel differently about going out in public in gender-non-conforming clothing based on their surroundings.

Poll: Would you be interested in a Discord channel for beskirted men?

Today’s poll asks if you would be interested in a Discord channel for beskirted men.

Poll: What would you do if you saw another man in a skirt in public?

Today’s poll is a little last-minute because I was walking around the old city center of Regensburg, Germany about an hour ago and saw an older gentleman out for a stroll in a skirt.

In the Media

Getting Dressed With Brad

Many of you will know Getting Dressed With Brad. The channel is run by Brad, an Australian man who likes to wear skirts and makes videos about how to style them.

Envisioning Nontraditional Men’s Clothing with AI

This is a short article about how we can positively use AI to help envision men wearing gender-non-conforming and other non-traditional clothing.

Men’s Skirts on Wikipedia

This is a great article on Wikipedia about men’s skirts. It includes some history about the different types of skirts men have worn throughout the centuries as well as about the disappearance of skirts in men’s fashion and their revival since the 1960s.

Why modern men are becoming feminine

This unfortunately titled video is actually very interesting. It talks about how the definition of masculinity is changing to include more “feminine” traits such as the ability to show emotions, talk about feelings, cry, etc.

A Revolutionary Vision of What it Looks Like To Heal The Masculine Divine: EXPRESS YO’SELF RVA

This is a very interesting article about exploring masculinity through fashion. It featured a lot of men wearing gender-non-conforming clothing and discusses how this can be used to explore a man’s masculinity.

Lil Nas X is the supreme leader of guys who wear skirts

The more male celebrities that publically wear skirts, the more exposure we get and (hopefully) the more mainstream and accepted it will become for men to wear skirts.

Why do people crossdress?

This video is aimed more at men who crossdress in order to look fully like women, but I still think there are some interesting points made that are relevant for anyone who is looking to cross traditional gender boundaries in their choice of fashion.

Skirt and Camera
Know of something in the media?
If you have seen anything in the media regarding men in skirts, dresses, high heels, etc, please feel free to get in touch and let us know!