A Trip With Only Skirts

A Trip With Only Skirts

I had the idea a while ago to take my family on vacation to another city, but with only skirts to help build my confidence in wearing them in public.

Profiles of Beskirted Men: Lar

Profiles of Beskirted Men: Lar

Today, we welcome Lar from Ireland to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

I decided to perform a little experiment to see if people react differently to seeing a man wear two different types of skirts in public. This is how it went.

Today, we welcome Chris from Paris, France to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

To all of you who celebrate Easter, I wish you a Happy Easter! Otherwise, I wish you a wonderful Sunday!

Today, we welcome John from the southeastern USA to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

This is one of those mundane experiences that wouldn’t normally be noteworthy if I hadn’t been wearing a skirt when it happened. I met an elderly neighbor wearing a skirt.

Today, we welcome JJ from near Berlin, Germany to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

I spent a week working at a customer’s headquarters wearing heeled boots and enjoyed it with every step I took.

Today, we welcome Jayce from New Jersey, USA to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

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Poll: What age group do you belong to?

As a skirt-wearing man in my mid-30s, I don’t know how many times I have heard the comment: “Men wearing skirts is something only the young generations do.” So, let’s find out just which age groups wear skirts.

Poll: What sort of area do you live in?

Today’s poll asks about the area you live in. This is an interesting question because some men may feel differently about going out in public in gender-non-conforming clothing based on their surroundings.

Poll: Would you be interested in a Discord channel for beskirted men?

Today’s poll asks if you would be interested in a Discord channel for beskirted men.

Poll: What would you do if you saw another man in a skirt in public?

Today’s poll is a little last-minute because I was walking around the old city center of Regensburg, Germany about an hour ago and saw an older gentleman out for a stroll in a skirt.

Poll: Do you have any skirt-related New Year’s resolutions?

Since many people make New Year’s resolutions, our first poll of the new year asks whether you have made any skirt-related New Year’s resolutions.

Poll: Did you get any skirts or other gender non-conforming clothes for Christmas?

With Christmas only a day ago in the United States and two days ago in Germany, it seems like the right time to ask about whether you got any skirts or other gender non-conforming clothes for Christmas.

Poll: Are you going to wear a skirt for Christmas?

Christmas is the time of year when a lot of people see extended family and may not be comfortable wearing skirts around certain family members. As such, today’s poll asks whether you are planning on wearing a skirt or other gender non-conforming clothes for Christmas.

In the Media

The New Normal

This is the story of how a man slowly came out to his wife about his love for traditionally feminine clothing. It’s an interesting tale of how to gently broach the subject with your partner if you are afraid of how they are going to react.

Sonshine Magazine

SONSHINE is an interesting, UK-based magazine about raising boys for an equal world.

‘Wear a skirt, be your own hero’: four men on their first time wearing the garment

In this article from The Guardian, four men share their stories wearing skirts. It’s always nice to read about other men’s experiences wearing them

The Young Man’s Guide to Wearing and Shopping for Women’s Clothes for the First Time

This is a humorous guide for men who want to go shopping for clothes in the women’s section for the first time. While I don’t recommend following all the advice (you’ll get it once you read it), it’s at least an amusing read.

‘I prefer women’s jeans – men’s lack design subtlety’: why men are buying womenswear

This is an interesting article from The Guardian about why more and more men are turning to womenswear for more variety than is offered by “normal” men’s clothes.

So you’d never wear a skirt in public? Men, you don’t know what you’re missing

Several of you contacted me with a link to this article all the way back in January, so I knew I had to read it and post about it, but it’s only being published today because I had a long list of other links that were already scheduled to be published.

Japan’s gender-bending history

While this doesn’t specifically have anything to do with men in skirts, it does relate in that it shows how gender norms are just social constructs that can be entirely different in other cultures.

Skirt and Camera
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