SONSHINE is an interesting, UK-based magazine about raising boys for an equal world.

This is an interesting article from The Guardian about why more and more men are turning to womenswear for more variety than is offered by “normal” men’s clothes.

Several of you contacted me with a link to this article all the way back in January, so I knew I had to read it and post about it, but it’s only being published today because I had a long list of other links that were already scheduled to be published.

While this doesn’t specifically have anything to do with men in skirts, it does relate in that it shows how gender norms are just social constructs that can be entirely different in other cultures.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom borrowed one of my skirts and a pair of tights from me for a baptism. It was a surreal experience.

This is an interesting video by a woman who wears more masculine-style clothing about straight men who like wearing women’s clothing.

Today’s experience was a small encounter with an older couple who were going for a walk that occurred last summer.

This wonderful article is an interesting take from a mom’s perspective on her young son wanting to wear dresses.

I love discovering other blogs and websites about genderless fashion or, in this case, men wearing skirts. This is another blog about men in skirts that I can highly recommend you take a look at if you don’t know it already!

This is a wonderful post from a mainstream parenting publication from a mother who goes through the ordeal of trying to find a dress for her young son.