The Website

First, we’ll begin with the website. The Beskirted Man is a blog intended to promote femininity in masculinity. More concretely, it is trying to encourage the idea that a man can be a manly man while also having a feminine side that he doesn’t have to be ashamed of or feels like he needs to hide. 

It focuses heavily on the use of the external image to project this feminine side and thus there is a lot of discussion about men using clothing in every-day situations to do so. Crossdressing, drag queens, etc will probably be mentioned from time to time, but not regularly. 

The focus here will be concentrated on cis, heterosexual men since that is what I am.

The Man

Now we’ll talk a little bit about the man behind The Beskirted Man

As mentioned above, I am a cis, heterosexual man who has an interest in femininity and a strong dislike for toxic masculinity. I am a man with a big beard and “manly” hobbies such as playing drums in a metal band, woodworking and gaming, but I just so happen to like doing them in a skirt… and sometimes heels. I am also married to a wonderful, supporting woman who encourages me in all of my endeavors.

Why did I start wearing skirts and heels? That question deserves its own post, but to answer it in a single word: curiosity. After watching my wife and other women wearing skirts and heels for years, I wanted to know what they felt like to wear myself.


To wrap up, I will say that just as every man has a feminine side, every boy is discouraged from showing it. In fact, it is often quite literally beaten out of him on the school playground. Femininity is still considered to be a sign of weakness (think: “You throw like a girl!”) and that needs to change.

See my article on what “promoting femininity in masculinity” actually means.

It takes real strength for a man to proudly show and live his feminine side. Any man that says otherwise is insecure in their own masculinity and feels threatened by the mere notion of men not being 100%, stereotypically masculine.

Alex in a green skirt from Engelbert-Strauss

My Other Blogs

The Beskirted Man is not the only blog I write for. I am an active writer of the following blogs as well:

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