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This is an interesting short video about how it absolutely makes sense that men wear skirts.

This is a short video about men who traditionally wear skirts around the world and why it isn’t common for men in the western world to wear them.

In this article, GQ shows images of many different men rocking skirts off the runway to this summer’s fashion shows.

This video is a monologue about whether regular people can queerbait. The reason I am posting it is because there is a segment that addresses straight, cis-men who dress and/or act in a more feminine way and whether they queerbait.

Little Prince Charming is a small online shop based in The Netherlands that sells dresses for boys.

We wish! Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. However, the article is still an interesting read about men in skirts and about Western society’s expectation and tolerance of them. ​

This is a great video about the rise of men’s skirts in fashion. It features a number of different styles for men, discusses why more men are starting to wear them and gives examples of male celebrities who have embraced wearing them.

In this article, The Herold from Scotland follows a couple of men who enjoy wearing skirts around Glasgow and reports not only on their motivations for wearing skirts, but also on their experiences in public and their families.

This blog post has a very interesting point about how what we call garments affects how and who buys and wears them.

It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s sad that companies still have to be forced to not discriminate based on gender.