In The Media

This is somewhat of a long-winded video about men who wear clothes from the women’s department because they want to and other current developments in men’s fashion.

This is an interesting video by a woman who wears more masculine-style clothing about straight men who like wearing women’s clothing.

This wonderful article is an interesting take from a mom’s perspective on her young son wanting to wear dresses.

I love discovering other blogs and websites about genderless fashion or, in this case, men wearing skirts. This is another blog about men in skirts that I can highly recommend you take a look at if you don’t know it already!

This is a wonderful post from a mainstream parenting publication from a mother who goes through the ordeal of trying to find a dress for her young son.

This is an interesting article from The Conversation that talks about how skirts have taken on a role of rebellion in the world of men’s fashion, but haven’t yet reached mainstream status.

This video is an interesting talk about the stigma with men wearing hosiery. Many of the points brought up could also easily be applied to other typically “feminine” clothing such as skirts and heels.

In this article, the author discusses what their experiences have been as a non-binary person who has always had a much more feminine style even when they identified as straight and cisgender.

This is a brief, but interesting article from 2022 about an experiment done with the author’s group of male friends and having them wear skirts.

This is another article from a fashion blog that talks about male celebrities wearing skirts and how that might be a sign that skirts for men might be here to stay.