Fashion Freedom Fest 2023

Danish skirt-wearer and TEDx speaker Dylan Cawthorne is organizing an event this year in Odense, Denmark for anyone who is interested in non-judgemental fashion freedom. Anyone is welcome, no matter how (non-)conformist your wardrobe is. Just bring an open mind!

He bills the event as basically “a bunch of people hanging out at the harbor” which sounds like a lot of fun. It also took place last year where he had the chance to interview Markus Muth. Photos from last year’s event can be found on Dylan’s website, Men in Skirts.

The event takes place on August 19, 2023 between 5:00-7:00 pm (17:00-19:00) in Odense, Denmark.

You can find more information about the event on these websites:

I am hoping to attend, but will have to see if I have the time.

Dylan has also helpfully prepared a downloadable post for the event:

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