May 4, 2023

The advent of the internet has given people from all over the world the opportunity to connect over topics of interest and men wearing gender non-conforming clothing is definitely one of those topics. 

There are a surprising number of online communities in a wide berth of different languages that specialize in men wearing skirts and dresses or high heels. These are safe zones where they can discuss their passion free of judgement, share photos of themselves or their collections, talk about experiences in public and garner support from others.

The support we get from others plays a crucial role in building up the courage to go out in public and these online communities are a fantastic place to find that support. Many members are experienced veterans of the public sphere and frequently share their experiences.

It is also common for community members to arrange get-togethers in the real world where they meet up in public to talk, eat and walk around while wearing their favorite gender non-conforming garment(s). These gatherings can forge real-life friendships.

So without further ado, here are a few online communities I have found and a few of which I am active in:

Skirts and Dresses

Skirt Cafe
MenSkirts Subreddit (German)

High Heels

High Heel Place
Heels for Men Forum
Men In Heels Subreddit
Männer auf hohen Absätzen (German)


I have included kilts as an extra category because they are the most popular type of skirt that is recognized as being masculine in the Western world and as such, are not nearly as taboo as other types of skirts.

X Marks the Scot
Skirt Cafe (they have a sub-forum for kilts) (German; they also have a sub-forum for kilts)

You will find these links as well as links to other websites of interest on the links page.

Did I miss one that you would like to see listed on this website? Let me know in the comments below!

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In many ways, Alex is a typical man who just so happens to enjoy wearing skirts and high heels. He is married to a wonderful, supportive wife and has a young son. His hobbies include reading, programming, metal music, playing instruments, video games, cars, hiking and a number of other smaller things.

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