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July 2, 2024

As some of you may know by now, I’ve been wearing skirts out in public much more frequently than I used to. Part of that is because I have been getting out of the house more since my young son started daycare. It’s my responsibility to bring him in the morning and pick him back up in the afternoon.

For a while, I didn’t wear skirts or anything gender-non-conforming because I was afraid of the reaction not for myself, but for my son. He and his classmates are certainly still too young to know or care, but I was more afraid of what his classmates’ parents may tell their children about “that kid’s dad who wears skirts”.

We live in a small, conservative town where word gets around quickly and the last thing I want is for him to have problems with bullying later on because of my choice of clothing. Unfortunately, I still consider this to be a possibility later on.

A couple of weeks ago, I just decided to do it anyway and see what happens. I wore a black denim skirt I have from Esprit which I chose specifically for the reason that I feel like it is one of the more subtle skirts in my collection.

It and a couple of other skirts are my go-tos for when I want to wear a skirt out in public, but for some reason, I am not feeling entirely confident. They are all dark, denim or canvas, and otherwise match the general aesthetic of most of what you find in the men’s department. You could say they are sort of “safety blanket” skirts.

But I digress.

When I got out of the car and carried my son into the daycare, I was anxious about other parents’ and even teachers’ reactions and how that would affect him. Well, like in most of my stories of wearing skirts in public, nothing happened.

I was treated exactly the same as always. No one commented, no one cared, and there was absolutely no reaction whatsoever. Well, other than one I had no idea I triggered, but I will write about that soon in another post.

The whole experience gave me a huge confidence boost, of course, and since then, I’ve been wearing skirts almost every day to the daycare.

I’ve also been wearing some that aren’t within my “safety blanket” selection, but I do have one condition for my choice of skirt going to the daycare: it has to have decent-sized pockets. There are just simply too many small things (such as pacifiers) I need to carry to not have pockets.

I still hope it doesn’t have any adverse effects on my son later on, especially given the recent disturbing political developments in the EU and France. As I mentioned above, word gets around here quickly, so in order for it to not affect my son, I would probably have to stop wearing them in public here entirely which is something I’m not willing to do. Because of that, however, I figure wearing skirts to the daycare probably doesn’t make any difference.

What would you do in this sort of situation? Would you continue to wear skirts when it might have a negative impact on your child or children? Let us know in the comments below!

The black skirt from Esprit I wore (photo taken at a later date)
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