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Mid-September saw a short revival of summer weather here in southern Germany. It was blazing hot during the day and since I wear skirts almost everyday, I started thinking about the benefits and detriments of doing so in hot weather.

This is, of course, a very subjective topic. What is a benefit or detriment for me may not be for someone else, but since it was on my mind, I figured I would write up a quick post about it.


I will just come out and say it blatantly: in most aspects, skirts are much more comfortable to wear in hot weather than shorts and certainly more comfortable than long pants. 

First of all, they are cooler. The fact that skirts are open from below means more air can get through and keep you cool. The extra ventilation also means that you will be more “aired out” and therefore, presumably, less smelly.

Many summer skirts are made out of light materials which also contributes to their coolness. Certainly, there are also pants and shorts made out of light materials such as linen, but when you combine it with an open bottom and a flowing cut (such as with A-line skirts), you get a perfect trifecta that can be so cool, it feels like you’re hardly wearing anything at all. Stuffy shorts just can’t compare.


After writing about the benefits of wearing a skirt on a hot day, I realized that my detriments list would only include a single point. I sat and thought about it for quite a while trying to come up with other detriments, but I couldn’t think of anything.

That just goes to show how perfectly suited for warm weather they are. If you can think of anything else, feel free to let me know down in the comments below because I really just couldn’t come up with anything else.

So, enough introduction, now on to the point.

I live in a humid climate which means when I wear a skirt on a hot day, my thighs often stick together if I am sitting for too long. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it actually means that my legs get hotter than they would if I were wearing shorts. This is especially true if I am wearing tighter skirts such as a pencil skirt.

The problem can be solved, however, by uncrossing or recrossing my legs or getting up to walk around for a little while. In that sense, maybe it’s not the worst thing since it reminds me to get up from my desk and move around a little bit throughout the day.


So, what was originally intended to be a comprehensive comparison of the benefits and detriments of wearing skirts on a hot day turned into a short post singing the skirt’s praises for warm weather. I am probably biased, but this article was never intended to be objective.

In any case, it goes without saying that I find skirts better than any other sort of legwear for hot weather and will continue to enjoy their benefits for many a hot day to come.

What are your experiences with wearing skirts in hot weather? Do you find them to be more comfortable than shorts? What do you think of the benefits and detriments I listed above? Can you come up with any more detriments? Let us know in the comments below!

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