Taking a walk while pushing a stroller in my skirt

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I received a visit from one of her friends who brought her baby with her. This friend of hers is someone we both know from a company we both used to work for, although my wife worked with her directly while I only saw her occasionally.

Having chatted with her several times in the past, I knew she was quite open-minded and so I decided to wear skirts for her entire visit. My wife liked the idea when I told her about my plan.

The day she arrived, I wore a black denim skirt. It was a nice summer day that was hot enough that no leggings or tights were necessary. I thought she might comment on the skirt at some point, but she never did. In fact, she never even glanced at it as far as I could tell, although I can’t imagine she didn’t notice.

On the second day, I put on my gray skirt from Engelbert-Strauss as can be seen in the picture above and the video below. While light gray isn’t exactly the boldest of colors, I still wanted to go with something lighter in color than black and decided on this skirt since I hadn’t worn it in a while.

In a way, I regret having chosen this skirt because, in hindsight, I think I was trying to provoke a conversation about the topic with her and this skirt was just too unassuming. Perhaps I should have chosen one of my a-line skirts or one with a bolder pattern. In any case, just like the day before, she didn’t even bat an eye when she saw me in it.

In the afternoon, the three of us decided to take a long walk through our town and the surrounding woods. I wore the skirt out and, again, no one cared. I got absolutely no comments or noticeable looks even though we stood in line for ice cream for quite some time surrounded by other people.

Of course, I enjoyed the entire experience even though I would have liked to have a discussion about it with her. Maybe I should have brought it up myself, but I also feel like the end goal here is to normalize men in skirts and it would be unusual if I had brought up a pair of jeans or shorts I was wearing.

I took a walk with the whole group wearing my gray Engelbert-Strauss skirt
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