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Today’s poll asks the question of whether men who wear traditionally women’s clothing could be considered the opposite of a “tomboy”.

Women who frequently wear more masculine clothing and/or engage in activities considered to be traditionally masculine are often referred to as being tomboys. The term is not considered demeaning or derogatory in most circles.

There is not, however, really a non-demeaning, general equivalent for men who frequently wear traditionally feminine clothing or participate in activities considered to be more feminine. There are words such as “femboy” or “transvestite” or “crossdresser”, but all of these have very specific connotations and are often used derogatorily.

If you could choose or create a generic term what would it be? Would you even want to create a term? Are men who often wear “women’s” clothing the opposite of tomboys? Let us know in the comments below!

Are men who wear traditionally women's clothing the opposite of tomboys?

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