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Today, we welcome Greg from Florida to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

What is your name?


Where are you from?


Which types of gender non-conforming clothing do you enjoy wearing?

Tights and skirts/kilts

When did you start wearing gender non-conforming clothing?

Tights: as a child. Skirts/kilts: late 40s

How did you start wearing gender non-conforming clothing and why?

When I was seven, I played a medieval beggar in a church play and wore a tunic and tights. Naive as a child is, I fell in love with tights thinking I was gonna always wear them. I cried when I was told they’re just for girls but wore anyway under boy clothes. They are my security blanket and given my struggle to wear what I want, they’ve made me a more emphatic person to other people’s more important struggles. I really learned a lot about myself, life and to love myself through a lot of help from the Legwear as Unisex Fashion Forum that I now moderate ( I wear tights openly now usually with shorts unless at work. As a physician, I wear under pants almost every day I work.

During the pandemic, Covid exhausted me and my colleagues. One day after a shower, I was lying there in a towel not wanting to get dressed. I thought how nice it would be to be able to walk around in a towel all day. Serendipitously, I spied my wife’s old skirt and thought, isn’t a skirt just like a towel? Sure enough, I tried it on and was hooked. It’s been easier now to be open wearing a skirt/kilt because I went through the struggle to accept the fact that I enjoy wearing tights as a man.

What is your motivation now for putting on gender non-conforming clothing?

Im so much more comfortable in tights and unbifurcated bottoms. So I wear them every chance I get.

What do gender non-conforming clothes mean to you?

Although I’m not jonesing for a cause, I am a cis gendered, hetero white Christian male who’s married. Not that those attributes mean anything but I feel those most against men wearing skirts fit those criteria; cis gendered white male christian whose not gay. I fear these people use the word “normal” to describe themselves and think “normal” equates to a persons worth.

To me, I can’t really define normal in terms of a person and I think every person’s worth is equal. That’s what my Christian Faith taught me.

I do not know what it is to have to fight the struggles that minorities, women, non-binary folks, transgendered people or homosexual/bisexuals do in today’s society. But when a guy like me who checks all these so called “normal” boxes steps out in a skirt as a “normal” man, I want to stand with everyone who’s marginalized in today’s society and say “F you” to anyone who judges another.

How often do you wear gender non-conforming clothing?

As often as possible. Almost daily now.

Do you go out in public dressed in gender non-conforming clothes? If not, why not? If so, how often and where do you go? Are there any places you wouldn’t go?

Yes. More often in a kilt/skirt than in tights. I live in Florida and it’s hot often.

Are there any places I wouldn’t go?
Not necessarily but I don’t really want to invite trouble. So places I think may not be open to a man in a skirt or tights, I’d avoid. But then again, I don’t really have an interest in going to places that wouldn’t tolerate a man in a skirt or tights.

Do you find it hard to go out in public in gender non-conforming clothes?

At the start of each time I go out in public, yes, it’s hard to just do it. There’s that hump you have to get over. And then after you’re out there and you realize no one really cares, you get comfortable. And although each time it gets easier, there’s still that little hitch before going out. That little thought, what if… But the feeling of being yourself wearing what’s comfortable is like crack cocaine, can’t stop it.

What is your best and/or worst experience in gender non-conforming clothes?

Best experience happens regularly. People clearly ain’t used to seeing a guy in a skirt/kilt and so I get regular compliments. In fact I’m kinda annoyed when I go out in a kilt and no one says a thing. It’s like in the beginning, I’m thinking “please don’t bother me” but then when no one says anything, I’m bummed. The compliments tend to be instantaneously genuine. Feels like it’s their gut reaction. Makes you walk on cloud nine. I have noticed people compliment me more when I wear a kilt than a skirt.

Worst: really nothing bad but I wore a kilt on a plane. Got upgraded (yeah me) and whilst boarding some loud mouthed hammerhead behind me announces ‘no there’s a guy in a skirt on my plane.’ First, it ain’t his plane. Second, I froze. Couldn’t react. I wish I could say I just ignored him but reality is I was trying not to soil myself. Then, by the grace of God, some woman ‘corrects’ him and says it’s a kilt. Nothing more said. Flight attendant did seem to keep giving me stuff but then again I was in first class. Probably do that for everyone.

Do your family or friends know about how you dress?

Yes. Friends are cool with it. Wife and kids cool with it. Mom cool with it. Sisters… not so cool with it. Could even say they become a bit cold when I wore a kilt. Friend said they were probably just bitter I showed them up.

Are there people you don’t want to know about it?

Yes and no. I do have the fear that I’ll lose some friends if they know. I shouldn’t worry as those I’d lose weren’t really into me for being me. But there’s a real fear. So far, it hasn’t happened. But I grew up lonely without a lot of friends. As I grew out of the awkwardness that is childhood, I’m blessed to have many friends. But the remembrance of those early lonely days sticks with me

Does your partner accept your clothing choices?

Yes. I’m biased but she’s awesome. She’s encouraged me as I go along.

What is your favorite style?

I feel most comfortable presenting as a man wearing a skirt and tights. So male top, skirt, tights and boy shoes. I’ve found wearing a skirt means you need to pay more attention to what you’re wearing. Difference between skirts and shorts are the former look good and the latter look like gym class.

Where do you shop for your clothes?

Online. Thrift shops for skirts (thredup). Kilts at online shops. Bought a few skirts for men marketed as such from adidas and asos to support those who support us. Tights online too. Favorites are Threads (they cater to men also) and Les Belles (also very much unisex and unquestionably for men in tights).

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m very impressed with this site. I’ve looked into other online sites and just didn’t fit what I was looking for. I made my own site because I didn’t find what I was looking for.

X Marks the Scot is great but they’re solely focused on traditional kilt wearing. Helpful but I wear the kilt because it’s an accepted male skirt. They’re my “gateway drug.”

Skirt Cafe was helpful initially cause they’re for guys wearing skirts. But I got tired of the fights and conspiracy theories. I’m glad they’re around but I just found there was a misogynistic undercurrent that treated transgenderism as a plague. I just don’t believe women have banded together to actively suppress men from wearing skirts.

I like your site because you have an all inclusive feeling about it. “Come as you are.” Everyone welcome. I still can’t define what masculinity or femininity means in today’s age (can you think of one attribute that solely defines a man or a woman?)

And I really love how you treat things traditionally ascribed to be feminine as a strength and not a weakness like society seems to. I’m hopeful in my lifetime that the words tomboy and sissy become irrelevant terms. Where humans are described by their attributes as human attributes and not masculine or feminine.

Do you have any links you would like to share (i.e. social media profiles or websites)?

Thank you for sharing, Greg!

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