AI-generated man in a skirt while grilling

It’s time for another short, skirted story. This one is about a brief encounter I had with two elderly neighbors while outside grilling. It happened a couple of weeks ago, so it’s a fairly recent story. Some of you may even recognize the image below from Instagram that I posted on the day it happened.

I’ve posted before about meeting elderly neighbors while beskirted and, as you’ve probably noticed by now, we have a lot of them. This particular encounter is with the couple that lives directly next to us. They have already seen me in a skirt several times, but I have never really written about it.

When this encounter happened, I was out in our backyard with my family. We had been out there enjoying the nice weather for most of the afternoon and when we started getting hungry, I set up the grill. I was wearing a blue jersey skirt that is especially nice for warm weather. Our backyard is in full view of a lot of the neighbors which makes wearing a skirt out there even more fun.

Shortly before we sat down to eat at the table outside, the husband came through a gate on our property line and wanted to ask me a few questions. I stood there, in my skirt, and we talked. None of the questions were about the skirt or any of my other fashion choices. It played absolutely no role in our normal, neighborly conversation.

About an hour later, we had finished dinner but were still sitting outside at the table when the wife came through the same gate. She wanted to talk to us about looking after their house while they were on vacation. I was sitting for part of that conversation, but my one-year-old son ran off at some point so I had to get up and chase him while she was still there.

Again, the skirt played no role whatsoever. There were no comments and their behavior towards me didn’t change in any way at all. Of course, they know I wear skirts and heels and have seen me several times by now, but they have always just accepted it without comment or concern.

The main point I am trying to make by telling this story is that even people you would least expect to be accepting (i.e. conservative, elderly folks) generally don’t have a problem with it. Or they are simply too polite to say or do anything. Either way, I’m content with it and while there wasn’t much to this particular encounter, such every-day, casual interactions with other people while beskirted are always a confidence boost and I thoroughly enjoy them.

Wearing a skirt while barbecuing
Wearing a skirt while barbecuing. This was taken shortly before the neighbors came by unexpectedly.
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