My Mom Borrowed My Skirt for a Baptism

This is going to be a little bit of an unusual post because it’s about an unusual experience I had a couple of weeks ago. As the title suggests, my mom borrowed one of my skirts for a baptism we were attending.

She is currently visiting us in Germany and she didn’t bring any skirts or dresses because she is not normally someone who wears skirts. In fact, I think I can count the number of times I’ve seen her in a skirt or dress on my fingers. The invitation to the baptism came on short notice which means she didn’t know she would need nicer clothes when she packed. She only packed jeans.

Her original plan was to go buy a nice outfit somewhere, but my wife suggested that she should look through her closet and see if she could find an outfit. My mom picked out a couple of dresses, but she they didn’t fit all that well because my wife is smaller than my mom.

That was when I made the unconventional suggestion that she have a look at my skirt and dress collection. I don’t have many dresses and she didn’t think the style of them was suitable for her, so she went through my skirts instead.

It didn’t take her long to find four of them she really liked. She tried them on and they all fit. Eventually, she settled on my black, a-line skirt from Anna Field. Of course, she needed tights to go with it, so I let her borrow a pair of my black tights as well. They also fit her better than my wife’s.

She wore the skirt and tights to the service and the only thing I could think about was that I was jealous she could wear them and I couldn’t. I don’t go to church, but they aren’t exactly the most welcoming places for things that are even slightly deviant from the normal.

Overall, it was an odd and surreal experience for both of us. My mom certainly never thought she would borrow a skirt and tights from her son and I had never even considered the possibility either. Fortunately, she has absolutely no problem with me wearing skirts, even if it was somewhat of an odd experience for the both of us.

The only drawback is that she actually really liked the skirt and is threatening to take it home with her. I guess if I let her have it, it would be a great excuse to go skirt shopping again.

This is the skirt I let her borrow:

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