April 2023

This is an interesting article from Luxuo about how heels for men are back in trend. It also gives a little bit of history about men wearing heels.

Another great article from GQ about the rise of men’s skirts and how they aren’t actually as controversial as you might expect.

FashionUnited reports here on the trend of men wearing skirts in modern fashion and predicts that “the idea of the man skirt or kilt growing exponentially each season.”

Since ChatGPT is trendy right now, I decided to ask it about going out in public as a man wearing a skirt after publishing an article about it a couple of weeks ago. I have included a couple of responses from it below which include a few good points!

A fashion review from the latest Golden Globe Awards ceremony shows that even at such a traditional ceremony, men can wear skirts and look good.

While I don’t entirely think that men wearing skirts is going to do away with toxic masculinity, the article makes an interesting point that it’s a sign that many men are sick of gender norms and are ready to don a skirt to break them.

One of my favorite online retailers for clothes in Germany has started featuring curated collections with men in skirts, dresses and heels.

Wearing gender non-conforming clothing in public is a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do to build up the courage to go out and rock that skirt or those heels!

In this article, CNN reports on the rise of men in skirts as a fashion trend. They use male celebrities as examples of famous men wearing skirts. Also discussed is the gradual acceptance of Western society of men wearing skirts and how it doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to a man’s gender or sexual identity.

An interesting article by Vice about the trend of more men wearing skirts. It talks about gender fluidity, but also about how not all men who wear skirts do it to express their gender identity. They do it just because they want to.