Happy Easter!

To all of you who celebrate Easter, I wish you a Happy Easter! Otherwise, I wish you a wonderful Sunday!

When I decided to do an Easter post, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do in terms of content. Then I came up with the idea of having AI generate an Easter bunny in a skirt. Of course, the Easter bunnies it came up with were extremely feminine with lots of bows and lace, and were extremely cutesy.

So I told it to generate a masculine Easter bunny wearing a skirt. Unfortunately, it immediately fetishized it, so I had to play around with the phrasing for a while to get something halfway decent.

In any case, you can see a select few results below. These are some of the more mild images it came up with.

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In many ways, Alex is a typical man who just so happens to enjoy wearing skirts and high heels. He is married to a wonderful, supportive wife and has a young son. His hobbies include reading, programming, metal music, playing instruments, video games, cars, hiking and a number of other smaller things.

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