Tan, Blue and Black - A Masculine Combination
June 5, 2024

I’m kicking off the new “Outfits” series with one of my favorites that I frequently wear when the weather is cool or cold. As the title mentions, it features three colors that fit my body type well: tan, blue and black.

In this particular outfit, I have combined a long-sleeved, tan, button-down shirt from the men’s department with my blue skirt from Engelbert-Strauss. Sometimes I exchange this skirt for a blue denim skirt or even my blue A-line skirt from Anna Field.

If the weather is cooler, these are paired with black tights or leggings and my tan, high-heeled boots from Anna Fields. Depending on the temperature, I might add a black cardigan, sweater or hoodie depending on how cold it is and how casual I want to be. I particularly like the black cardigan as featured in the photo below because it stays open allowing you to see the tan shirt underneath. It also adds a nice “feminine” touch to an overall pretty masculine outfit.

I call this outfit “masculine” because it features traits that are typically seen in the men’s department such as bold, solid colors and straight, harsh lines. In my duology of posts, “How To Dress Masculinely in a Skirt“, I discuss what makes an outfit more “masculine” in the eyes of most observers.

The outfit as shown below consists of the following components:

What do you think of the outfit? Since this is the first outfit I’m posting, is there any more information you would like to know about it? Let me know in the comments below! Any feedback is much appreciated!

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