AI-generated man in a black, a-line skirt chatting with a woman
May 19, 2024

It feels a little bit like a coincidence that things keep happening to me while beskirted, but that really isn’t the case. I have more to write about because I am wearing my skirts around other people a lot more.

This particular story happened two days before writing it. It was the weekend and I was out and about doing yard work and other outdoor activities with my wife and son while wearing a red t-shirt with my black A-line skirt from Anna Fields. There is a picture below of me wearing that outfit taken on the day the event occurred.

At some point, I was out front with my son. He was playing in the yard while I was cleaning up a mess left by the trashmen on the sidewalk in front of the house. At some point, a woman who was probably in her 50s wearing a striped shirt and jeans came walking by. Our road is a dead end with a path that continues through a field which means we don’t get much vehicular traffic, but we do get a lot of pedestrian traffic.

She was walking on the street when my son saw her and suddenly bolted out to her. I don’t know why because he doesn’t know her, but he did. Since I was right there, it wasn’t a big deal though. I picked him up and the woman said the usual thing you hear as a parent of a very small child about how cute he or she is.

She smiled, then very obviously looked down at the skirt I was wearing. My first thought, of course, was more of a panic reaction of: “Crap, I’m about to be lectured by someone who thinks they know better.” That wasn’t the case though.

Instead, she said she really liked the skirt I was wearing and that she loves it when men are confident enough to wear them. She went on about men in skirts having strong character and generally being more interesting to talk to. Her final comment on the matter was that she was extremely happy that she is seeing a lot more men in skirts now than ever before and hopes that the trend continues.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have time for much of a discussion about it because I would have liked to ask her more about her last comment, but I was extremely happy with the brief encounter nevertheless.

Again, it just shows that most people are open-minded about it or even excited about it. Plus, what she said about seeing more men in skirts confirms my suspicion that it is becoming more normal for men to wear skirts too, even if it feels like at a glacial pace.

A Woman Complimented Me on This Outfit
A woman on the street liked this outfit
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