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January 10, 2024

Today, we welcome Greg from Iowa, USA to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

What is your name?


Where are you from?

Iowa, USA

Which types of gender non-conforming clothing do you enjoy wearing?

Hosiery, skirts, dresses, and heels

When did you start wearing gender non-conforming clothing?

Off and on all of my life. I started wearing hosiery regularly around 5 or 6 years ago. I just started wearing skirts, dresses, and heels this year.

How did you start wearing gender non-conforming clothing and why?

It started when I was very young playing dress up with my sister at my grandparents. I’ve always really enjoyed the feeling of hosiery so I heald into that. The feel provides a sense of comfort and security. As for the rest of the clothing, I like the variety of materials and how they feel and how delicate they can be. I’ve never been a fan of heavy, thicker materials.

What is your motivation now for putting on gender non-conforming clothing?

Many people on Instagram have put it out there that you only live once. Although I don’t wear a lot of my feminine clothing openly yet, I hope to get there soon. I have a very supportive wife and kids who love me for who I am and that means everything!

What do gender non-conforming clothes mean to you?

Freedom to express myself and wear the clothing that brings me joy.

How often do you wear gender non-conforming clothing?

I wear hosiery almost every day. I wear a dress or skirt at home maybe 50% of the time.

Do you go out in public dressed in gender non-conforming clothes? If not, why not? If so, how often and where do you go? Are there any places you wouldn’t go?

I wear nude and suntan colored pantyhose openly all year long. Skirts and dresses are a new experience but I’ve noticed that they’ve increased my confidence in wearing hosiery whilst wearing guy clothes. I have to be mindful of how societies response will affect my family. I live in a fairly conservative area.

Do you find it hard to go out in public in gender non-conforming clothes?

Yes but it gets easier all the time.

What is your best and/or worst experience in gender non-conforming clothes?

My best experience thus far was probably the first time I wore pantyhose under my shorts going to the store. It was a feeling of accomplishment. My worst experience was early on in marriage when we were trying to figure out what it meant that I wanted to wear hosiery and other more feminine clothing.

Do your family or friends know about how you dress?

My wife and kids and one other family member know. No one else knows.

Are there people you don’t want to know about it?

A lot of my family because they are very conservative. Someday I’d like to be to a point that I just don’t care what others think.

Does your partner accept your clothing choices?

Accepts and fully supports it.

What is your favorite style?

I really like vintage styles from the 30’s and 40’s.

Where do you shop for your clothes?

Mostly from thrift shops but sometimes new from stores and online.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We have a lot of momentum moving forward as far as gender non-conforming lifestyles. I’m excited to continue to see progress.

Do you have any links you would like to share (i.e. social media profiles or websites)?

My Instagram is @nylons_and_riffs

Thank you for sharing, Greg!

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About the Author

Alex Seifert
In many ways, Alex is a typical man who just so happens to enjoy wearing skirts and high heels. He is married to a wonderful, supportive wife and has a young son. His hobbies include reading, programming, metal music, playing instruments, video games, cars, hiking and a number of other smaller things.

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