Profiles of Beskirted Men
February 7, 2024

Today, we welcome Rex from the UK to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

What is your name?


Where are you from?


Which types of gender non-conforming clothing do you enjoy wearing?

All! Skirts, dresses, hosiery, underwear, shoes and boots.

When did you start wearing gender non-conforming clothing?

Initially as a young teenager with occasional experimentation with what was available at home but much later, after divorce and with acceptance / support from female partners, rapid acceleration in middle age.

How did you start wearing gender non-conforming clothing and why?

How: see above. Why: I cannot explain my motivations. At first there was some sexual thrill, and inquistiveness, but that barely registers now.

What is your motivation now for putting on gender non-conforming clothing?

It provides mental comfort and an outlet for my long-standing non-conformity in many aspects of life. Sometimes it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!

What do gender non-conforming clothes mean to you?

They are a central part to my life.

How often do you wear gender non-conforming clothing?

Virtually every day.

Do you go out in public dressed in gender non-conforming clothes? If not, why not? If so, how often and where do you go? Are there any places you wouldn’t go?

I have made a few public excursions in gender non-conforming clothes, but mostly when accompanied by my partner and in busy public places where I would not be recognised eg at festivals and in busy shops.

Do you find it hard to go out in public in gender non-conforming clothes?


What is your best and/or worst experience in gender non-conforming clothes?

Best: wearing a skirt continuously for two days at a music festival. Worst: Nothing serious apart from anxiety when setting off skirted to walk for several miles. I was OK once I was away from my local neighbourhood.

Do your family or friends know about how you dress?

Family: No. Partner: Yes

Are there people you don’t want to know about it?

In principle I would want everyone to know about it, but in practice I would be very cautious telling many people owing to anxiety / lack of confidence / embarrassment / fear of rejection.

Does your partner accept your clothing choices?

Yes – and she even lets me wear her clothes. She objects in only two circumstances: if I wear something she considers to be more suitable for an elderly aunt; and she also forbids me to wear a bra in her presence because it is “unnecessary’.

What is your favorite style?

I have no set style. I will try most things, from adding a skirt to an otherwise “masculine”outfit, to an evening dress with stiletto heels.

Where do you shop for your clothes?

Chain stores and occasionally online.

Thank you for sharing, Rex!

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Alex Seifert
In many ways, Alex is a typical man who just so happens to enjoy wearing skirts and high heels. He is married to a wonderful, supportive wife and has a young son. His hobbies include reading, programming, metal music, playing instruments, video games, cars, hiking and a number of other smaller things.

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