February 11, 2024

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my experiences of wearing a skirt in public. The experience I’m writing about today was a small encounter with an older, well-dressed couple who were going for a walk when they saw me wearing my red A-line skirt from Anna Field. It occurred last summer while our neighbors were on vacation.

Our neighbors had asked my wife and me to water their plants inside and outside while they were gone. On that particular day, it was my turn, so I walked over there in my skirt since it was what I was wearing and I wasn’t going to change just for a quick trip next door.

I didn’t run into anyone while walking over there, so I was extremely relaxed. I watered their plants inside, then I went out back to water the plants they have outside. They have a corner lot which means their backyard wraps around the house to the street in front.

As I was watering the plants on the side of their house not far from the street in front, an older couple walked by and looked at me. The man stopped dead in his tracks and stared for a moment while his wife continued walking.

He pointed at me and hollered loudly at his wife, “Look! There’s a man wearing a skirt!”. His wife stopped, looked at him, not me, and yelled back, “I know, I saw him! And it looks good on him, so leave him alone already!”

She then turned and kept walking while the man stared at me for a moment longer before turning and following his wife.

It was one of those random encounters that sticks with you because it was so odd. The man’s response only surprised me in that he reacted loudly in a way that was obviously not intended to hide his shock and disapproval from me, but the woman’s response surprised me entirely. She was completely nonchalant about it and acted like her husband was the biggest buffoon she’d ever encountered.

I still wonder if her reaction was because she was embarrassed by her husband’s loud reaction and was trying to make it up to me by acting like it was nothing and saying that I looked good in the skirt. It’s also possible that she genuinely meant it. I’ll never know for sure, but I like to think it was the latter.

Either way, I was highly amused by it. I enjoy it when I’m able to take someone’s worldview and flip it upside down.

And because people will ask, this is the skirt I was wearing on that day:

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