June 2023

The focus of this article by Vogue is trendy pleated skirts, but they feature images of men in skirts amongst the women as though it was entirely normal.

School uniforms in the UK allow kids to wear trousers or skirts to school which means boys are expected to suffer through hot weather in long pants. Several schoolboys have started wearing skirts to school in protest.

An increasing number of brave men are wearing traditionally feminine clothing these days: in real life as well as all over the media. What styles are the coolest from a woman’s point of view?

This is a great blog post by a man who has worn skirts and tights in public for years. It highlights some of his experiences which have been overwhelmingly positive.

Some people consider kilts to be a type of skirt while others do not. What is your opinion about it?

The world is challenging traditional gender norms and the significance of gender non-conforming clothing has become something of an ascendant star. As someone who neither identifies as transgender nor cisgender, I have embarked on a bit of a journey to embracing clothing that defies societal expectations. This article explores the empowering experience of wearing what brings me comfort.

This is an excellent, current article about why the trend of men wearing skirts and other gender non-conforming clothing is having difficulties becoming mainstream.

Let’s make this summer the summer of skirts! There is nothing better than a breezy skirt on a hot day, so let’s use this summer to normalize men in skirts!

Skirtcraft is a small company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that makes unisex skirts with large pockets. It was founded by a man who discovered his love for wearing skirts.

This week’s poll asks about whether you wear high heels with your skirt. Some men do while others don’t so we’ll see what the majority do!