July 2023

It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s sad that companies still have to be forced to not discriminate based on gender.

The first time out in public in a skirt can be a harrowing experience for any man, but those who make the leap are richly rewarded. This is my experience.

We may not be entering summer 2023 anymore, but that doesn’t mean this article is any less significant in that it shows that men in skirts is becoming more mainstream.

This week’s poll asks how often you go out in public in a skirt. Many men wear them, but many of them don’t wear them out in public for a plethora of different reasons.

Another great article from a German-language source (this time from Switzerland) about how men’s skirts are more popular than ever.

For those men who love wearing kilts, I can highly recommend you take a look at some of the videos from this YouTube channel. They make videos about kilts, the culture around them and discuss matters such as people’s reaction in public.

Many men wear skirts, dresses, heels and the like only when they are home alone. They don’t even want their partners to know or see them. Much less take a walk in public dressed in this way. Here is how I see it, as the partner of a man who used to be like this.

This is a great interview with Markus Muth, a man from Germany whose wardrobe includes skirts, dresses, kilts, heels and tights among other things.

Today’s poll is about whether you shave your legs specifically for wearing skirts or dresses.

Wearing skirts as a man can be incredibly liberating, but sometimes wearing skirts or other gender non-conforming clothing makes me feel trapped.