December 2023

This is a brief, but interesting article from 2022 about an experiment done with the author’s group of male friends and having them wear skirts.

Today, we welcome Jeffrey from Pennsylvania, USA to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

With Christmas only a day ago in the United States and two days ago in Germany, it seems like the right time to ask about whether you got any skirts or other gender non-conforming clothes for Christmas.

This is another article from a fashion blog that talks about male celebrities wearing skirts and how that might be a sign that skirts for men might be here to stay.

This is just a short post to announce that I will not be extremely active on this blog or social media until after the holidays.

Today, we welcome Darryl from England to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

This is another great article about how more male celebrities are embracing the skirt as part of their wardrobe. Not only are there a lot of pictures of various celebrities donning a skirt, but they also add a bunch of tips as to how best to style a skirt.

Today, we welcome Mateusz from Poland to Profiles of Beskirted Men!

Christmas is the time of year when a lot of people see extended family and may not be comfortable wearing skirts around certain family members. As such, today’s poll asks whether you are planning on wearing a skirt or other gender non-conforming clothes for Christmas.

Why is there the perception amongst the uninformed that men are just wearing gender-non-conforming clothes for their own sexual pleasure?