This article is about how genderless fashion has become much more mainstream and about how the movement is connected to equality.

This is a great video with two men experimenting styling skirts. They offer a few good tips and ideas that any man could use to make wearing a skirt look good.

This is an interesting article from Luxuo about how heels for men are back in trend. It also gives a little bit of history about men wearing heels.

Another great article from GQ about the rise of men’s skirts and how they aren’t actually as controversial as you might expect.

FashionUnited reports here on the trend of men wearing skirts in modern fashion and predicts that “the idea of the man skirt or kilt growing exponentially each season.”

A fashion review from the latest Golden Globe Awards ceremony shows that even at such a traditional ceremony, men can wear skirts and look good.

One of my favorite online retailers for clothes in Germany has started featuring curated collections with men in skirts, dresses and heels.

Esquire makes a clear statement here: men’s skirts are ready for the mainstream! They argue that because more male celebrities have been wearing them publicly and because sales figures have shown that skirts designed for and marketed to men are picking up sales, they are becoming more acceptable and normalized.

A group of men explore and discuss how best to style a skirt as a man. Not only do they talk about it amongst themselves, but they also talk to experts about their ideas.

While the topic of this article isn’t exactly about men in skirts, it does discuss the idea of expressing gender equality through fashion. It is an interesting commentary on gender-fluid fashion and what its rise means for society.