skirts for men

There are tons of reasons for wearing feminine clothing as a man. The clothes we wear are a deeply personal thing and should express who we are. These are my reasons and my story.

This is an interesting article from the British fashion magazine GQ about how men’s skirts are a fashion trend that’s here to stay.

This is an interesting video that features a summary of the history of skirts as well as addresses reasons why men don’t wear skirts in most Western cultures in the modern world. At the end of the video, he gives you a few tips as to what you can do if you are a man interested in wearing a skirt.

An inspirational story by a guy who wears skirts and dresses in public on a regular basis.

Yes, definitely! I do agree with him, however, that skirts (and dresses) cut for a female body can look a little strange on a broader male body. That is the reason I generally only wear skirts rather that full dresses even though I love dresses.

This is a short, but great talk about what it means to wear a skirt as a man and why men shouldn’t be ashamed of it in today’s society.

A game streamer on YouTube who enjoys wearing skirts and dresses has released a video with tips on how to wear a skirt or a dress as a man.

United Colors of Benetton is now selling a midi jeans skirt targeted at men.

This is an interesting article from Vogue about how men shouldn’t be afraid to wear skirts. It even features links to skirts specifically targeted at men, even if they are quite expensive.

This is a fascinating article from 2021 about the trend of more men shopping for skirts. It seems to be a phenomenon occurring in many different countries.