A lot of men wear gender non-conforming clothing in secret. It would be interesting to know how many of you keep it a secret from your families and why.

Today’s light-hearted poll asks whether you “smooth out your skirt” before sitting down even if you’re not wearing a skirt. Amusingly, that is a habit that I have found myself doing even when I’m wearing jeans.

Today’s poll asks the question of whether men who wear traditionally women’s clothing could be considered the opposite of a “tomboy”.

Today’s poll asks about a rather sensitive subject for some men. Being caught wearing a skirt by someone you don’t want knowing can be a tremendously awkward and embarrassing situation.

Today’s poll asks about which social media platforms you use. I have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X), but it would interest me which other platforms you use.

This week’s poll asks how often you go out in public in a skirt. Many men wear them, but many of them don’t wear them out in public for a plethora of different reasons.

Today’s poll is about whether you shave your legs specifically for wearing skirts or dresses.

Some people consider kilts to be a type of skirt while others do not. What is your opinion about it?

This week’s poll asks about whether you wear high heels with your skirt. Some men do while others don’t so we’ll see what the majority do!

Welcome to the very first poll at The Beskirted Man! We’ll kick our new weekly polls off with a question about your favorite skirt.