Skirts and Dresses

I decided to perform a little experiment to see if people react differently to seeing a man wear two different types of skirts in public. This is how it went.

In this article from The Guardian, four men share their stories wearing skirts. It’s always nice to read about other men’s experiences wearing them

This is one of those mundane experiences that wouldn’t normally be noteworthy if I hadn’t been wearing a skirt when it happened. I met an elderly neighbor wearing a skirt.

This is a humorous guide for men who want to go shopping for clothes in the women’s section for the first time. While I don’t recommend following all the advice (you’ll get it once you read it), it’s at least an amusing read.

Several of you contacted me with a link to this article all the way back in January, so I knew I had to read it and post about it, but it’s only being published today because I had a long list of other links that were already scheduled to be published.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom borrowed one of my skirts and a pair of tights from me for a baptism. It was a surreal experience.

This is somewhat of a long-winded video about men who wear clothes from the women’s department because they want to and other current developments in men’s fashion.

This is a story about an experience I had about two years ago when I was first starting my journey into gender-non-conforming clothing. It was one of my first experiences in public in clothes that did not come from the men’s section.

Today’s experience was a small encounter with an older couple who were going for a walk that occurred last summer.

This wonderful article is an interesting take from a mom’s perspective on her young son wanting to wear dresses.