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July 7, 2024

In a post I recently wrote about wearing skirts to my son’s daycare, I briefly hinted about something that happened as a result of my wearing skirts there. Before I get into it though, I need to tell a little backstory.

As I’m writing this, the UEFA Euro 2024 soccer championship is currently taking place. Germany’s national team received new uniforms for it which are primarily purple and pink. The color choice has proven to be quite controversial here in Germany.

A couple of days into the tournament, I brought my son to daycare wearing one of my skirts. While I didn’t get any direct reaction to my skirt-wearing, I did happen to overhear a conversation about the new German uniform between some of the construction workers who are building a new playground. They were fuming loudly about the purple and pink color scheme not being manly enough and making Germany look too weak and “womanly”.

The conversation disgusted me and as it turns out, I wasn’t the only parent to overhear it and be disgusted by it.

Fast forward to the next morning. I’m walking my son into the daycare once again wearing one of my skirts and about halfway down the corridor to the room where my son’s group is, I encounter a little boy from one of the other groups wearing a purple and white dress with white tights. The daycare isn’t that large and so I recognize most of the kids in the vicinity of where my son goes and this little boy is no exception.

His mom was still there and I recognized her too because we often drop our sons off at the same time in the morning. She stopped me while I was passing and asked if I had heard the construction workers the day before. I confirmed I had and we proceeded to have a conversation about how disgusting and backward that attitude is.

She then mentioned that she dressed her son in a dress as a counterreaction to the construction workers’ bigoted attitude. While she told me that, she very purposefully looked down at the skirt I was wearing and said that recently, she’s seen me wearing a skirt most mornings and that I was her inspiration for the reaction.

I then received a whole heap of compliments about my breaking of gender norms, my courage for rebelling, and for my general style. She said that while she’d never seen any other man wear a skirt out in public, it doesn’t look feminine on me at all and that she thinks more men need to “grow a pair” and “skirt up”.

While I absolutely loved the conversation, I was a bit taken off guard by it at first because it was early in the morning before I’d even had breakfast or my first hot beverage of the day, and my son’s daycare in our tiny, conservative, rural town was the last place I had expected to have that sort of conversation.

The next morning, I saw the mom and her son again while dropping my son off. He was wearing typical boys’ clothes again, but I stopped and asked her how the previous day had gone. She was beaming when she said that her son loved it and that she had only gotten compliments from the teachers and other parents. She ended the conversation by saying that it definitely won’t be the last time he shows up to daycare in a skirt or dress.

So that obviously got me thinking: Should I dress my son in a skirt or dress for daycare as well? I have yet to talk to my wife about the idea, but I think I’m going to one of these days very soon. Maybe I’ll even coordinate it with the other boy’s mom so that both boys show up in a skirt or dress on the same day.

What do you think about it? Should I do it? What do you think about the mom’s reaction and the daycare’s response? Let me know in the comments below!

Update: After seeing a number of comments on this post, I feel like I should mention that my son as well as the other boy are both under two years old and still too young to talk. That means that if we were to ask them, they wouldn’t be able to give an answer or probably even care.

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