Personal Experiences

Today’s poll asks about a rather sensitive subject for some men. Being caught wearing a skirt by someone you don’t want knowing can be a tremendously awkward and embarrassing situation.

The first time out in public in a skirt can be a harrowing experience for any man, but those who make the leap are richly rewarded. This is my experience.

Many men wear skirts, dresses, heels and the like only when they are home alone. They don’t even want their partners to know or see them. Much less take a walk in public dressed in this way. Here is how I see it, as the partner of a man who used to be like this.

Wearing skirts as a man can be incredibly liberating, but sometimes wearing skirts or other gender non-conforming clothing makes me feel trapped.

This is a great blog post by a man who has worn skirts and tights in public for years. It highlights some of his experiences which have been overwhelmingly positive.

The world is challenging traditional gender norms and the significance of gender non-conforming clothing has become something of an ascendant star. As someone who neither identifies as transgender nor cisgender, I have embarked on a bit of a journey to embracing clothing that defies societal expectations. This article explores the empowering experience of wearing what brings me comfort.

When my husband confessed what he was up to when I was not home, I was shocked. This is how we figured it out as a couple – and how the crisis changed my perspective.

There are tons of reasons for wearing feminine clothing as a man. The clothes we wear are a deeply personal thing and should express who we are. These are my reasons and my story.